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Refund Policy and Course Rescheduling Policy.
Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing a course at Agile IT Tech to learn and get trained for a suitable job in an IT project.

When you enroll for any of our course or learning program, you agree to our policy on privacy, confidentiality, and other  terms & conditions.

  1. Agile IT tech may cancel/reschedule/stop any webinar, classes, and enrollment for any course / batch due to unavoidable circumstances.
  2. If Agile IT tech cancels any training batch or classes which cannot be resumed or rescheduled later, 100% of the fee paid for the course will be refunded.
  3. Agile IT tech reserves the right to admission, deny continuing of the classes by any candidate on administrative and disciplinary grounds without assigning any reason. In such a situation Agile IT tech will prorate the number of hours the candidate attended the classes and refund the rest of the amount.
  4. Agile IT tech will entertain the request to cancel the registration and refund the fee in the circumstances below:
  5. If a candidate has registered and enrolled for a course and decides not to pursue the same before the start of the classes.
  6. If a candidate has registered for a course and after attending three classes decides not to pursue the classes for the course.

In the above two ( a & b ) scenarios, the total amount paid by the candidate as fee for the course minus $ 100.00 as processing fee  will be refunded to the candidate.

The $ 100.00 charged as processing fee can be used as credit if the candidate enrolls for any course in future. This $ 100.00 charged as processing fee is not transferable to any other individual.

  1. If a candidate attended more than three classes, the registration cannot be cancelled, and refund will not be processed.
  2. In case roll over to another course is requested:
  3. If the candidate requests before or after attending three classes of the course enrolled to rollover to another course then the fee paid for the first course will be adjusted against the fee of the second course which the candidate wants to roll over.
  4. If the candidate wants to roll over after attending more than four classes of the first course enrolled then the pro rate for the hours of the classes attended will be calculated and the balance amount will be used towards the fee of the second course being opted for roll over.
  5. The fee for the course opted for roll over will have to be paid as per the fee structure.
  6. For refund and rescheduling the candidates should contact his/her career counselor/admin department.
  7. The refund amount approved by Agile IT tech will be processed in twenty one days from the date of such approval.
  8. The candidate enrolled for any course with Agile IT tech will not share the course content, class notes, video recordings of the class, study material, assignments, and blog access with anyone.

In case any term is breached, the candidate will be withdrawn from the course without any refund.

  1. Agile IT tech reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of engagement at any given time without notice.
  2. In case of any question contact us at info@agileittech.com.
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