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What is Data Science?

Data science uses techniques and theories within the context of mathematics, statistics, computer science, domain knowledge, and information science by unifying the concepts of data analysis, machine learning, and their related methods to understand and analyze data to extract meaningful insights.

Organizations around the globe are relying on Data science which blends various tools, algorithms, and machine learning principles with the goal to discover hidden patterns from the ‘Raw Data’ to provide descriptive analytics ‘what happened?’ from the information available, further diagnostic analytics provide ‘why did it happen?’ and finally with predictive analytics provides information as to ‘what could happen’ in the future.

Data science with Python and Machine learning

 Python has emerged over the last several years as the first choice tool for scientific computing of the tasks including the analysis and visualization of large datasets.

The use of Python for data science stems primarily from the large and active ecosystem of third-party packages :

NumPy for manipulation of the homogeneous array-based data

Pandas for manipulation of heterogeneous and labeled data.

SciPy for common scientific computing tasks.

Matplotlib for publication-quality visualizations.

Interactive execution and sharing of the code.

Scikit- learn for machine learning and much more.

The course will cover the following:
Introduction to Data Science.
Role of Python in Data science and why chose python.
Introduction to Python Language.
Python Data structure.
Control statements, Loops, and functions.
Setting up the Jupiter notebook environment.
Modules – NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib.
Data analysis with machine learning and important useful Algorithms.
Supervised learning and unsupervised learning.


Career Prospects of a Data Scientist

Organizations need of a Data Scientist to join their fast-growing team to intricately involved in running analytical experiments in a methodical manner, and regularly evaluate alternate models via theoretical approaches. Data scientists have the opportunity to become a part of an innovative and energetic team that develops analysis tools that share insights to help forecast trends and formulate a strategy.

Data science jobs have seen a growth of 630 % over the last few years. A trained and an expert Data scientist has the potential to earn 115 K per annum with plenty of growth opportunity.

Industries where Python with Data science Applications are extensively used :
Retail and E-Commerce
Health Care and Pharma
Travel and Hospitality


Prerequisites, Who and Why should take this training

Pythons design and libraries are much more productive compared to C, C++ or Java

No, IT background or specific knowledge is necessary to learn Python

Fresh graduates with interest in data and analysis.

Software Developers and ETL professionals

Analytical professionals working in different industries who aspire to change their career path for better prospects.

A career in data science which has seen an exponential growth of about 630 over the last few years, tops the list of career-oriented courses in demand. At Agile IT Tech the dynamic and immersive course carefully crafted and drive-by qualified experienced professionals supported by a team of dedicated career counselors and sealer team to provide complete placement assistance finishing the course

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